Just a warning: This is a real family and these are real children.  I'm saying that now because I actually still don't believe it.  Picture being a family photographer (it's awesome) and then picture walking into a shoot where all three kids are STOKED to be there, all they do is hysterically giggle, and *enthusiastically* do every single thing I ask them to do.  Oh, and since we're day dreaming, now picture that they're small Asian kids.  Ya, I know.  You're dying. You're dead. This is the Kwan family, and they may be more well behaved than your kids, but that's not a guarantee. I met Janice, the mama, in my yoga class, and we fast became not just friends but like got each other's back, don't fuck with her friends.  Hard to explain.  She's a generous and very cool gem of a human being.  And she's a Brooklyn born, Los Angeles educated girl livin' in Wellesley.  Let's all say a prayer for her tonight. ;)   Enjoy the Kwan crew.  I sure did!  THANK YOU, Janice!  Namaste. ;)
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