Before you read on, please take a minute and read Lizzy's birth story here.  Her life and health are miracles, and she is an angel to Marilyn, her mama, and all her aunties!  Marilyn's sisters were in town for the weekend and we all met up in the arboretum during peak foliage.  They danced and sung to little Lizzy until she got her groove and started bouncin'!  She is utterly adorable and I'm so so so glad our paths have crossed! YAY Lizzy!!
marilynSML001.jpg marilynSML002.jpg marilynSML003.jpg marilynSML004.jpg marilynSML005.jpg marilynSML006.jpg marilynSML007.jpg marilynSML008.jpg marilynSML009.jpg marilynSML010.jpg marilynSML011.jpg marilynSML012.jpg