Don't worry nothin bout Mari because she is killing the cute game over in Cambridge.  I have photographed her mom and dad since their engagement and I count myself incredibly lucky to watch this family grow.  HERE is a look into the week Mari was born.   Thank you so much to Jimmy and Anna for putting so much trust in me.  THANK YOU!
MariOneYRsml001.jpg MariOneYRsml002.jpg MariOneYRsml003.jpg MariOneYRsml004.jpg MariOneYRsml005.jpg MariOneYRsml006.jpg MariOneYRsml007.jpg MariOneYRsml008.jpg MariOneYRsml009.jpg MariOneYRsml010.jpg MariOneYRsml011.jpg MariOneYRsml012.jpg
MariOneYRsml013.jpg MariOneYRsml014.jpg MariOneYRsml015.jpg