Maybe you’ve heard that I have started a new project…not to replace, but to *add to* T.Spoon Photography, high school senior portraits, and commercial photography.  It’s called The Love Offensive and it’s a lifelong project in the making combining photography, yoga, and world travel.  Our basic ethos is to empower the body and free the mind so we can truly see and celebrate each other all over the world.  I hope that sounds as awesome to you as it does to me! 

I just held The Love Offensive for Girls at my house last weekend, and it was truly a blast!  I had eleven 11-year-olds over for a day to teach them yoga and photography. What we really talked about was stilling the mind, trusting yourself, listening to each other, and making each other feel seen, beautiful, and special.  It was a really good day, and the girls left exhausted and feeling excited about their new skills behind the lens and on the mat. 

I’ll be holding The Love Offensive for Girls all over the area (and beyond) and I’d love to work with your daughter/school/girl scout troop/running club (you get the idea :)).  I have all sorts of dates on the calendar with different groups of girls, and I’m super stoked!  If you’d like to sign your daughter up for the next open day-long Love Offensive, please sign up on the website: 
Thank you so much for your endless support as I try to live my life as a supportive, love giving, mood boosting girl myself.  Everything you have ever done for me is greatly appreciated and utterly humbling.  Thank you.

  • Thanks for this article. I’d also like to express that it can often be hard if you are in school and simply starting out to initiate a long credit standing. There are many students who are just trying to endure and have an extended or favourable credit history are often a difficult matter to have.

  • Julie Olson

    So get this… there is that girl you went to high school with. She was many things. She was hilarious, beautiful, exceptionally intelligent, sincerely likable and a true leader. She grew into her own and by character, shares her beautiful gifts with the world, making it a more beautiful place with every photograph and ever pose. There is so much meaning behind her which translates into every word she speaks, every picture she takes and every minute you spend with her. Now imagine that this very same girl from high school grew up and has offered an opportunity to work with your daughter and her best friend to learn about inner strength, self awareness and the impact of positivity. What a blessing. What a profound blessing to have my daughter learn from you Tara. You’ve been a part of my roots and now my branches. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for sharing your lens with these young ladies and the world.