Boys, boys, boys!   Danielle and Jed had their fourth baby...BOY!  This family in Scituate is so insanely adorable and sweet and fun I can't stand it.  I didn't want to leave I was having so much fun with these guys. This is the cutest little family on the South Shore. Promise.  Enjoy! THANK YOU!
DuaneSmall001.jpg DuaneSmall002.jpg DuaneSmall003.jpg DuaneSmall004.jpg DuaneSmall005.jpg DuaneSmall006.jpg DuaneSmall007.jpg DuaneSmall008.jpg DuaneSmall009.jpg DuaneSmall010.jpg DuaneSmall011.jpg DuaneSmall012.jpg
DuaneSmall013.jpg DuaneSmall014.jpg DuaneSmall015.jpg DuaneSmall016.jpg DuaneSmall017.jpg DuaneSmall018.jpg DuaneSmall019.jpg DuaneSmall020.jpg DuaneSmall021.jpg