I am lucky enough to call the Larrson mom, and the only female under this roof, a great new friend of mine.  She works at Union Press Publishing and we (along with the rest of the crew at UPP) are just finishing up the third cookbook we did together (as in: I was the photographer and they were the creative explosion and publishing arm).   Through this extremely fun and incredibly creative process, a whole crew of us are bonded for life.  And I am on my knees in gratitude. So, I was all too eager to bounce on over to Milton to chase these CUTIES around their home the day before Easter.  Shelby and Mike have created a beautiful home full of love and confidence, hilarity and fun.  Their boys, Will and James, will have a wonderful life full of happiness and the confidence to be who they have the potential to be.  What else can anyone ask for.  It was an honor to be there and then show them what they look like surrounded by love.  I love you guys. thank you so so so much. LOVE!
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