I don’t post my boudoir shoots because my clients ask me not to.  Of course this is totally understandable, but I wanted you all to know how much not only I love to photograph boudoir shoots, but how much YOU’LL love it!  There hasn’t been a single boudoir shoot where the woman didn’t feel empowered, beautiful, sexy, strong, and seen.  It’s truly a healthy and beautiful thing to do for yourself, and you will NEVER regret it.   By no means wait until you lose weight or get botox or whatever other bullshit excuse you have.  Don’t overthink it, just book it.  Life doesn’t last forever, and there are some times you have to just jump to be able to move forward.  You’ll be so super stoked.  I promise.  My email address is taramorris@gmail.com  Don’t wait. 🙂