I am REALLY happy to be posting this shoot.  Emily, Garrett and I (and Ben) met in 2010 when they were planning their 2011 wedding.  To say it was love at first sight would be a gross understatement.  We immediately became what still feels like family.  I have photographed them over the years in all sorts of ways, and have always kept in much over social media.  I'm so super, super happy to know that very soon (like in a couple of days as I write this) their daughter will be entering into her life and theirs!  GAH!!  So so so absolutely love this couple!  Please enjoy their maternity shoot we did up in Rye, New Hampshire in May.   Thank you both SO SO SO MUCH!  I LOVE YOU BOTH!
EmilyExpectSMALL001.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL002.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL003.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL004.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL005.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL006.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL008.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL007.jpg