Georgia is my new baby crush.   She's so cute and sweet, and her parents, Sara and Ryan, (and Sara's parents) feel like family to me.   We basically just all chased and adored Georgia around a few different backyards on a gorgeous late Spring day.  Everything felt right, I really  really REALLY love my job.  THANK YOU for letting me into your lives.  I love you all.
GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL001.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL002.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL003.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL004.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL005.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL006.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL007.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL008.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL009.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL010.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL011.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL012.jpg