YAY!!  BABY BOY!!!  We photographed Ali and Tim's wedding in 2009 when their wedding photographer backed out last minute, and we've gone on to photograph their entire group of friends and their weddings.  So, when Ali called me last month to let me know their son, Carter, had arrived I fell over myself to get over there.   And OF COURSE Carter is not only super adorable (like his parents) but also insanely well behaved and chill (also like their parents).  My only hope now is that he's phenomenal at the robot on the dance floor.  That'll be all thanks to mom!  CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!  Carter is incredibly lucky to have you both as parents.  I will see you again soon!  Sending you LOVE!
CarterSMALL001.jpg CarterSMALL002.jpg CarterSMALL003.jpg CarterSMALL004.jpg CarterSMALL005.jpg barlowSMALL006.jpg CarterSMALL007.jpg CarterSMALL008.jpg CarterSMALL009.jpg CarterSMALL010.jpg