As if life wasn't already super awesome just because Josh and Lindsey are in it, they go and make a couple ah kids.   They brought miss Vivian through a couple years ago, and on their fifth wedding anniversary I met their son, Dez, on his one-week birthday.   There are few people in the world I'm more honored to know, to photograph, and to call friends than Josh and Lindsey.  One day, in another life, I'll come back and be just like them.  For now, I get to see them twice a year for photography.   In case you feel like making yourself happy, may I suggest that you go through the last five years of their lives. :):  here is their wedding on Martha's Vineyard, here is their maternity and newborn shoot of Vivian in their gorgeous home in South Boston,  here is when Vivian turned one and we thought she was a play doll, and here is when I started actually being mad that Viv is better dressed than me. ;)   And our latest collaboration is right here... ENJOY! LOVE! THANK YOU!
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