Well, well, well, didn't I get lucky.  Ashley and Kennedy have beauty for days, several changes of costume, a Duxbury beach sticker, perfect light, lots of love,  and a bottle of red wine made by Dave Matthews.  All I had to do was bring my camera, and since I remembered that here's what we did.  Ashley and Kennedy are the yummiest mom and daughter duo ever in life.  We had too much fun to call it work and I can't wait to see them again!  ENJOY!  THANK YOU!  LOVE!! 
ashleysml001.jpg ashleysml002.jpg ashleysml003.jpg ashleysml004.jpg ashleysml005.jpg ashleysml006.jpg ashleysml007.jpg ashleysml008.jpg ashleysml009.jpg ashleysml010.jpg ashleysml011.jpg ashleysml012.jpg