Sooo.... I lucked out.   Hillary knocked on my door maybe 7 years ago now looking for a wedding photographer, and the rest is history.  We photographed her and Ryan's wedding, a picture from that wedding was our Boston Magazine ad for years (and is over my right shoulder as I type this), then she went on to by a hair and skin salon called Inde in Quincy and I've photographed for her website since, then they had Hendrix, then they opened another salon called Lola in Dorchester and I photograph there. And so on!  I am *absolutely* the luckiest family photographer in all the lands every place to have Hillary Deshler as a client, and at this point we're more like family. If I continue to explain how much I love, admire, and appreciate her I'll end up bawling and I have a wedding to shoot so I have to wrap it up.  Don't be mad that she's wicked pretty and this shoot is fucking gorgeous.  We had the best light of the year and she can't help that she's pretty on the outside.  Lame as I sound, she's like 40 times more beautiful inside.  Lame, I know.  Hate me. 
Hillary, thank you so so so much.  I love you with all the little fibers in my body. F'real. 
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