Welp, sometimes you roll the genetic dice and ya win. And in this case, Steph and Owen's brand new, tags still on, son Owen won that dice roll.   Baby Smalls Owen got Irish dad's blue eyes and mom's Puerto Rican skin.  Let's just hope his dancing skills come from his Latin blood, and he'll be allll set in Lady Killer Lane.   Steph works at Inde Salon in Quincy, and I'm like the whole salon's official life photographer.  So, I was pretty damn stoked when Steph and Owen called me when Mr Tan Skin Blue Eyes entered the world.  It was like the easiest job I've ever had, ever.  You'll see why.  Steph and Owen are already wonderful parents and Baby Owen will be a well loved, confident, talented, kind boy and then man.  And for that we are all grateful.  Good luck, you guys.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!  Know this for sure and forever. :)
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