I hate that this expression is totally overused but it fits here: 
I can't. 

I cannot HANDLE how gorgeous these children are.  Jaw droppingly adorable, cute, beautiful, hilarious, sweet, charming, giggly, funny, fun.   I'm in love.   Mark and Lisa are the gorgeous parents who made these two truly sweethearts and I'm really happy they did.  Hanover High School better get ready:  they have like 8 years to prepare for these two and the place'll never be the same.    
I chased the crew around their backyard on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in August.  I love this family so much I could fall over, but instead I'll stay upright and post so you can fall in love yourself.  Enjoy. Thank you! LOVE! 
LisaSophiaMarkLia001.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia002.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia003.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia004.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia005.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia006.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia007.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia008.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia009.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia010.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia011.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia012.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia013.jpg LisaSophiaMarkLia014.jpg