Matt Fitzgerald might be the nicest dude who's ever graced the halls of Marshfield High.  That might also be an exaggeration, but not by much.   And it's no wonder that he married a super cool, very low key, incredibly nice woman named Maureen.  And it's FURTHER not a mystery that they made rad kids, have incredible careers, and now have a second home in Marshfield where Matt and I grew up.   When great things happen for great people it feels good and right and deserved.  I met this little crew on a summer Friday in June and we chased two cute kids around the beautiful stretch of beach they now call (summer) home.  I'm so very happy for this crew.  ENJOY! THANK YOU! LOVE! 
fitzgeraldsmall001.jpg fitzgeraldsmall002.jpg fitzgeraldsmall003.jpg fitzgeraldsmall004.jpg fitzgeraldsmall005.jpg fitzgeraldsmall006.jpg fitzgeraldsmall007.jpg fitzgeraldsmall008.jpg fitzgeraldsmall009.jpg fitzgeraldsmall010.jpg fitzgeraldsmall011.jpg fitzgeraldsmall012.jpg