Well, well, well, if I don't have truly *the best* clients of all time of any photographer anywhere at anytime of all time. 
Biased?  Not a chance. 
Laura and Peter Drummey have three boys:  Stephen, Nolan, and Drew.  These three little nuggets of love get cuter every SECOND, never mind every year.  I photograph them every year these days (thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!) which is something no one will ever, ever regret!  It's such an incredible honor to watch and document this family grow I can't even stand it.  Lu, the mom, is maaaaaybe my favorite person ever (along with her whole crew of friends) so I get pretty excited to see her and her boys every year.  I would LOVE for you to see an earlier shoot with this family just so you can enjoy watching them grow big and strong.  HERE is a shoot from when the twins turned one.  And here we are this year on the beach in Hull.  THANK YOU, Drummey family for your friendship that feels like family.  I count myself incredibly lucky to call you friends.  THANK YOU! 
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