Life is relentless on the whole: Just Keeps Getting Better thing.  I met Janice in yoga a couple years ago, and already we’ve spent a week together in Alaska, probably sweat 48 pounds of water weight together, shared many meals, and now I’ve been able to photograph her ADORABLE family twice!  The Kwan crew just renovated their beautiful home in Wellesley so Janice was super excited to do the shoot in their new and improved space!  Lucky me!!  Their home is gorgeous and perfect in every way, but much more importantly it’s full of giggles (LOTS of giggles), kindness, sweetness, and love.   It’s really kindof a joke to photograph this family.  I leave wanting like nine kids.  Well, maybe not nine, but you get the point. 🙂 . Thank you guys so very much! I LOVE YOU ALL!