It took a bout of cancer for Kim and Sebastian to meet, but Kim reflects that it was all worth it now that she has Seb.  Kim randomly lost her voice last year, and when it didn’t come back after a week or two she saw a doctor.  Thyroid cancer, paralyzed vocal cords, and a large (second) benign tumor in her neck were revealed.   In what I can imagine was a scary and stressful time she found a loophole in her lease that allowed therapy dogs.   Soon after she went to an MSPCA auction and found a scraggly, shaved, one-eyed poodle puppy that needed a home.   The rest is history.  Sebastian is SUCH A GOOD BOY!  Oh mah lord, he’s so sweet and so smart and so good and so cute.  Kim and Sebastian have the kind of beautiful love that I can relate to as a dog mom of three. 🙂 . I absolutely LOVED photographing these two, and I’m so happy for BOTH of them that they found each other.  Talk about a silver lining. 🙂 . Love you guys.  Thank you so much. t