Danielle and Aaron are raising just about THE nicest boys on Planet Earth in Ewan and Zander.  The kids are being home schooled, and the whole family built this tiny house together.   From how I understand it they decided to build this house just to learn the skills it takes to build a house…. how’s that for earnest?  The house is parked in their friend’s yard where the boys have made an entire Kid Kingdom.  This kingdom has restaurants and condos and a slack line and a garden, and a handful of other absolutely adorable details.  Every trash day the boys take their shopping cart and ‘shop’ up and down their street to be able to build more things to add to their kingdom… and this is in their downtime when they’re not helping their parents nail and glue and build a second home.    This family is kind and creative and smart and so insanely generous in spirit.  I cannot remember being with a family  more tirelessly creative, kind, and cooperative, and I just love them so much.   Here’s to raising NICE BOYS!!  Here, here!  Thank you so much for inviting me into your lives like this.  I love you guys!