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Damn, putting this post together was fun.

Thank you so much to every one of my clients over the past *ten years* as T.Spoon Photography (whoop whoop).  I hope that I have captured something, anything that will help you time-travel back to this fleeting stage of your lives in years to come.  Maybe together we made a photo that showed you the way your child looks at you.  Or a candid shot of  the way your kids look and laugh with (and at) each other.  Or what you look like when you’re fully present and in love with your family.  I do my very best each shoot to capture something about love or childhood or family or fun.  Ideally all four. 🙂 .   So, thank you, thank you, thank you for ten years of support and love.  My wildest dream was to be a photographer and it’s only thanks to the people who support me that that dream has come true.  Not a day goes by where I don’t thank God for my incredible clients.  Thank you so so much.

Enjoy my favorites (not necessarily the ‘best’..whatever that means) of 2017.  THANK YOU! LOVE!