I absolutely love being a family photographer, and  I’m still stunned at the reality that I get to do this with my one life.   My preferred style is to go to your home, spend time with you, hang out, and capture genuinely candid moments of love and connection and messy uproarious family-ness.   Of course that doesn’t always happen on every shoot, and plenty of people just want some good ol’ fashioned family photographs for posterity and tradition.   Awesome.

Toby hired me this Spring to come over to their (insanely gorgeous) place when her whole family was there:  two brothers and their people and pups, two parents, and her boys: Mike, her husband, and their sons,  Noah and Jesse.   I got plenty of pictures of the whole crew standing and looking at the camera, but here are a bunch of the moments in between those moments that capture their love and fun, and hopefully captures how much I like them, too. 🙂 .  Enjoy!  Love! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Toby, for your decade of support and friendship.  You’re a really, really great friend. Thank you.