Man oh man oh (young wo) man!!  What a year it's been with The Love Offensive for Girls!  We have had so much fun together in so many different venues, but with one goal: to feel creative, seen, kind, strong, and confident.  There was a six week course through the yoga studio I teach at (HYP in Wellesley) that ended in a tour de Wellesley as we posed and played all over the downtown area.  Then there was a really good one at Amy Ambroult's metal smith studio in Abington in an old mill building. We climbed on top of the building, and unearthed old run down cars to make the perfect photo shoot.   We partnered with a girls running group in Natick and two different girl scout troops where we did shorter versions of the full day curriculum.
At every turn we had a ton of fun, the girls made new friends, and they tried things they've never tried before.  I cannot say enough good things about this experience for the girls! If you're thinking about having your daughter join us, please have her look at these photographs. If it sparks something in her, be in touch!  Sign ups are on
Thank you to all the moms and dads who trusted me to teach their daughters the beauty of yoga and photography!  THANK YOU!!  Love love love love!
girls001.jpg girls002.jpg girls003.jpg girls004.jpg girls005.jpg girls006.jpg girls007.jpg girls008.jpg girls009.jpg girls010.jpg girls011.jpg girls012.jpg girls013.jpg
girls014.jpg girls015.jpg girls016.jpg girls017.jpg girls019.jpg girls020.jpg girls021.jpg girls022.jpg girls023.jpg girls024.jpg girls025.jpg

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Martina is one of my favorite human beings of all time.  We shared a best friend, and the rest is history.  Martina and her family are selling their *gorgeous* home in Sudbury so wanted me to come over and commemorate their first home as a family of five.  The house was Sam Adam's sister's house (as in THE Sam Adams) and it was built in the 1700s.  Martina knows that she was one of many women who rocked their children to sleep in that house.  I love that.  Here's to new chapters.  Onward.  Sending you all love!
MartinaSMALL001.jpg MartinaSMALL003.jpg MartinaSMALL005.jpg MartinaSMALL006.jpg MartinaSMALL007.jpg MartinaSMALL008.jpg MartinaSMALL010.jpg MartinaSMALL011.jpg MartinaSMALL012.jpg MartinaSMALL014.jpg MartinaSMALL015.jpg MartinaSMALL016.jpg MartinaSMALL017.jpg

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As if life wasn't already super awesome just because Josh and Lindsey are in it, they go and make a couple ah kids.   They brought miss Vivian through a couple years ago, and on their fifth wedding anniversary I met their son, Dez, on his one-week birthday.   There are few people in the world I'm more honored to know, to photograph, and to call friends than Josh and Lindsey.  One day, in another life, I'll come back and be just like them.  For now, I get to see them twice a year for photography.   In case you feel like making yourself happy, may I suggest that you go through the last five years of their lives. :):  here is their wedding on Martha's Vineyard, here is their maternity and newborn shoot of Vivian in their gorgeous home in South Boston,  here is when Vivian turned one and we thought she was a play doll, and here is when I started actually being mad that Viv is better dressed than me. ;)   And our latest collaboration is right here... ENJOY! LOVE! THANK YOU!
barlowSMALL001.jpg barlowSMALL002.jpg barlowSMALL003.jpg barlowSMALL004.jpg barlowSMALL005.jpg barlowSMALL006.jpg barlowSMALL007.jpg barlowSMALL008.jpg barlowSMALL009.jpg barlowSMALL010.jpg barlowSMALL011.jpg barlowSMALL012.jpg

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I don't post my boudoir shoots because my clients ask me not to.  Of course this is totally understandable, but I wanted you all to know how much not only I love to photograph boudoir shoots, but how much YOU'LL love it!  There hasn't been a single boudoir shoot where the woman didn't feel empowered, beautiful, sexy, strong, and seen.  It's truly a healthy and beautiful thing to do for yourself, and you will NEVER regret it.   By no means wait until you lose weight or get botox or whatever other bullshit excuse you have.  Don't overthink it, just book it.  Life doesn't last forever, and there are some times you have to just jump to be able to move forward.  You'll be so super stoked.  I promise.  My email address is  Don't wait. :)


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Beverly T says:

Ohhhh Yea Willowing. Would love to win a spot and create with a lot of people.

(09.10.17 @ 12:11 PM)
Georgia is my new baby crush.   She's so cute and sweet, and her parents, Sara and Ryan, (and Sara's parents) feel like family to me.   We basically just all chased and adored Georgia around a few different backyards on a gorgeous late Spring day.  Everything felt right, I really  really REALLY love my job.  THANK YOU for letting me into your lives.  I love you all.
GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL001.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL002.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL003.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL004.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL005.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL006.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL007.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL008.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL009.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL010.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL011.jpg GeorgiaSaraRyan17SMALL012.jpg

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