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I was given a camera for my 14th birthday when my nickname was still T.Spoon. 🙂 Since then I have always seen photography as not only a timeless and evocative art form, but as an important part of life, love, and relationships.  Maybe it’s the way photography allows us to time travel to a place we would have otherwise forgotten.  Maybe it’s the way a beautiful photograph of yourself can brighten your spirit, or the way a photograph can transport us to places we’ve never even imagined.
The joy of finding a 20 year old photograph and still being able to see the  shine in a new mother’s eye or a watchful father, full of pride, standing in the corner of the frame…. is why I photograph families.

Have your family photographed.  Don’t delay; time is fleeting and families change.  Don’t always be the photographer, invest in photography OF you.  Life don’t last forever, ya know?

Photographing families, children, and people in love is one of the most joyful ways I can imagine spending a life. Thank you for visiting my website and sharing in this joy.

I hope to hear from you soon.


taramorris@gmail.com .

This is a photograph of me in an IDP camp in Soroti, Uganda surrounded by the cutest, nicest kids ont he planet. I spent two days photographing a family there in 2007 and it’s an experience I hold very close to my heart.