When I was growing up my bedroom was my nest, my refuge, my safe spot. I was allowed to decorate it however and fill it with whatever I wanted. When I was young it was technically an actual Cabbage Patch. As I got older the editors of Teen Beat would have been proud. My walls were always decorated with the things that made me me, mostly plastered with photos of the people I still call my best friends (and many of THEIR kids are in this album). As a photographer, this is why I always ask if I can do portraits of kids in their rooms. I so wish someone had photographed me in my room feeling strong and proud and with full agency over my tiny life. This is why I do this.  Enjoy and thank you so so so much for trusting me enough to do this. Without your permission I couldn’t do it. THANK YOU!

Mernin Sunshines!

Please enjoy a small sample of some of my favorites from Fall 2018!  Enjoy! Thank you! LOVE!

Hello there!

I am having trouble keeping all the balls in the air over here.  Anyone know the feeling!?  HOLY SHIT!!  I want so badly to take the time and gush about every single human being that allows me to photograph them, but I’m not finding the time these days.  Here is a smattering of some of my favorites from Summer 2018.  Please enjoy!  Thank you so much to everyone! LOVE!!


Max and Lyla just turned ONE!!!  In celebration of that their parents took them to meet me at the Arnold Arboretum so I could stare in awe at their CUTENESS!!!   I mean… come ON with this crew!  Giggles, curiosity, new independence, snacks, momentary and brief meltdowns followed by more giggles and snacks and curiosity.   All in the name of being a whole year new!!  There’s not much more I can say about this family that you won’t be able to see yourself.  Get ready to fall in love…twice.   Congratulations to the whole crew for their new and very busy, love filled, awe inspiring lives.  Seems to me it just keeps getting better.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  GOOD LUCK!!!  LOVE!

It’s really no surprise that Jess and Gabe made a person as beautiful and sweet as Nava, but it’s still really nice to witness.   All over their home were obvious and subtle messages for Nava to become a strong girl full of confidence, tolerance, and love.   With parents like Jess and Gabe, there’s no doubt the sky is the limit for Nava.  Her inevitable  confidence, strength, and tolerance will come from the only place it ever does:  love.   CONGRATULATIONS to Gabe and Jess and Nava for making it through the first year of a premie birth and all the fear and hope and prayers that come with that.  Onward, good people. The sky is the limit.  LOVE!!

God knows I hate to play favorites, but I feel like I’m part of Brianne’s family at this point.  Just one of those things:  photographed the family weddings, then the new families, then the growing families, then the other new families. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I genuinely adore these people.  This is Aubrey:  Brianne and Darren’s first child; a really, really, really well-behaved 4-month-old girl who is like an advertisement for IVF.  Like, who doesn’t want five Aubreys?   This whole crew, Bosco included, is chill, hilarious, nice, and beautiful.   Thank God our feelings for each other are mutual because damn they make this shit easy.   THANK YOU so so so much for bringing me in so close, you guys.  I’m so happy for you, I love you so much.  Thank you.


I absolutely love being a family photographer, and  I’m still stunned at the reality that I get to do this with my one life.   My preferred style is to go to your home, spend time with you, hang out, and capture genuinely candid moments of love and connection and messy uproarious family-ness.   Of course that doesn’t always happen on every shoot, and plenty of people just want some good ol’ fashioned family photographs for posterity and tradition.   Awesome.

Toby hired me this Spring to come over to their (insanely gorgeous) place when her whole family was there:  two brothers and their people and pups, two parents, and her boys: Mike, her husband, and their sons,  Noah and Jesse.   I got plenty of pictures of the whole crew standing and looking at the camera, but here are a bunch of the moments in between those moments that capture their love and fun, and hopefully captures how much I like them, too. 🙂 .  Enjoy!  Love! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Toby, for your decade of support and friendship.  You’re a really, really great friend. Thank you.

Two great big people made a great small person!!!!  HOOORAY!!!!  Is that shit a miracle, or WHAT!?!?  I met Dana, the mama, on the train back from NYC to Boston about 5 or 6 years ago.  It was one of those random things where we sat next to each other and just totally hit it off like old friends.   She took my card and said she’d call when she had a baby.   AND SHE DID!!  How awesome is that!?  This is Dana and Greg, their beautiful new son, Noah, and their gorgeous and sweeeeeeeet pup, Lulu.   I really, really love this family.  Kind, generous, fun, smart, and beautiful.  It’s a humbling honor to document their lives.  THANK YOU!!! Enjoy!  GOOD LUCK!!! LOVE!!!

Man, I love a first birthday party; ‘bunch of adults having a great day party, maybe a few other young kids, great food, great drinks, ..oh..and that little guest of honor!   The sweet little one-year-old whose eating things so sweet if he had teeth they’d probably fall out while being deluged with gifts, lots of commotion, lots of big people, lots of really fun wrapping paper.  The highs are high that day, but they’re always the first one to bed.

Happy Birthday, to Carter!  And thank you so much to Ali and Tim for having me over to capture it.  That’s an idea they surely won’t regret.  THANK YOU!!! love.

Damn, putting this post together was fun.

Thank you so much to every one of my clients over the past *ten years* as T.Spoon Photography (whoop whoop).  I hope that I have captured something, anything that will help you time-travel back to this fleeting stage of your lives in years to come.  Maybe together we made a photo that showed you the way your child looks at you.  Or a candid shot of  the way your kids look and laugh with (and at) each other.  Or what you look like when you’re fully present and in love with your family.  I do my very best each shoot to capture something about love or childhood or family or fun.  Ideally all four. 🙂 .   So, thank you, thank you, thank you for ten years of support and love.  My wildest dream was to be a photographer and it’s only thanks to the people who support me that that dream has come true.  Not a day goes by where I don’t thank God for my incredible clients.  Thank you so so much.

Enjoy my favorites (not necessarily the ‘best’..whatever that means) of 2017.  THANK YOU! LOVE!