Lisa Neighbors is the coolest chick alive so let’s establish that.   And her daughters, Rose and Ayla, are almost edible, and her husband Brad is a movie star.  Now that we have that all under control, we should also mention that Lisa is an incredible family photographer.  So, needless to say it’s an honor (and terrifying) to photograph a fellow family photographer.   I would do anything for this woman, and feel super honored to call her a friend.   Enjoy.  Thank you! Love!

Yay!  Good People Alert!  Lindsay and Kevin got married yesterday?  Ten years ago?  Somewhere between right now and 2007 when I first started my career.  I actually don’t remember not knowing her and her family so that’s a good sign of love and connection, if ya ask me.  So, I feel like Lindsay is 12 and they got married yesterday, but that’s because they have three kids three and under, a bull dog, and an adorable home to fit ’em all in.  I got to their house at 9am on a Sunday, and by 10am I think me and Kevin were only half kidding about having a bloody mary.  Lindsay and Kevin are doing a REALLY great job raising great kids with very full hands.  I love these people, and I can’t wait to watch them grow through their lives.  Thank you so so much! LOVE!

Finley and Andrea are the big and small versions of the cutest thing on Planet Earth.  Photographing these two is so fun and so adorable I can’t believe I get invited over!   Finley likes to have her best friend’s family over when I’m there just so I can actually die of cute overload.   I just chase everybody around their home, and then fall into my car exhausted and laughing.  I love this family.  You will, too. Enjoy! Thank you! Love!

Life is relentless on the whole: Just Keeps Getting Better thing.  I met Janice in yoga a couple years ago, and already we’ve spent a week together in Alaska, probably sweat 48 pounds of water weight together, shared many meals, and now I’ve been able to photograph her ADORABLE family twice!  The Kwan crew just renovated their beautiful home in Wellesley so Janice was super excited to do the shoot in their new and improved space!  Lucky me!!  Their home is gorgeous and perfect in every way, but much more importantly it’s full of giggles (LOTS of giggles), kindness, sweetness, and love.   It’s really kindof a joke to photograph this family.  I leave wanting like nine kids.  Well, maybe not nine, but you get the point. 🙂 . Thank you guys so very much! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Welp, no one is cooler than Amy Ambroult so we can all collectively stop trying so hard.  Amy is an incredible metal smith artist and jeweler, and a great friend of mine!  We met at the incredible Squam Art Workshop in 2013 the rest is history.  Recently I went to her beautiful work space at an old mill in Abington and photographed her working on some pieces.  She’s so incredibly talented, and I highly recommend you buying all the jewelry she’s ever made ever.  Her website is 

Samantha and Jeremy welcomed their first child, Grady, into the world a few weeks earlier than expected, but healthy, fully cooked, and ready to rock it!  Samantha has been my yoga teacher and friend for many years now, and I love watching her beautiful life unfold.   A healthy, perfect son takes the cake, though.  I couldn’t be happier for this new family in love beyond imagination!  Good luck, everyone! Thank you, and HAVE FUN!!  Yay Grady!


This is an all time favorite family, I have to admit.  Sharon and Allan are the parents and they’re both brilliant, hilarious, ultra cool, and completely devoted and in love with their kids.  Marcus and Ryan are the adorable brothers who are growing up to be unique, kind, sweet, fun, smart people.  I photograph them every Autumn at their place in Somerville, and this year we met up in Boston before they spent the rest of the afternoon at Newbury Comics, the Aquarium, and Wagamama.  They restore my love of life every single time I’m with them.  Enjoy!  Thank you! LOVE!

Sooo…. I lucked out.   Hillary knocked on my door maybe 7 years ago now looking for a wedding photographer, and the rest is history.  We photographed her and Ryan’s wedding, a picture from that wedding was our Boston Magazine ad for years (and is over my right shoulder as I type this), then she went on to by a hair and skin salon called Inde in Quincy and I’ve photographed for her website since, then they had Hendrix, then they opened another salon called Lola in Dorchester and I photograph there. And so on!  I am *absolutely* the luckiest family photographer in all the lands every place to have Hillary Deshler as a client, and at this point we’re more like family. If I continue to explain how much I love, admire, and appreciate her I’ll end up bawling and I have a wedding to shoot so I have to wrap it up.  Don’t be mad that she’s wicked pretty and this shoot is fucking gorgeous.  We had the best light of the year and she can’t help that she’s pretty on the outside.  Lame as I sound, she’s like 40 times more beautiful inside.  Lame, I know.  Hate me. 

Hillary, thank you so so so much.  I love you with all the little fibers in my body. F’real. 

Matt Fitzgerald might be the nicest dude who’s ever graced the halls of Marshfield High.  That might also be an exaggeration, but not by much.   And it’s no wonder that he married a super cool, very low key, incredibly nice woman named Maureen.  And it’s FURTHER not a mystery that they made rad kids, have incredible careers, and now have a second home in Marshfield where Matt and I grew up.   When great things happen for great people it feels good and right and deserved.  I met this little crew on a summer Friday in June and we chased two cute kids around the beautiful stretch of beach they now call (summer) home.  I’m so very happy for this crew.  ENJOY! THANK YOU! LOVE! 


Welp, sometimes you roll the genetic dice and ya win. And in this case, Steph and Owen’s brand new, tags still on, son Owen won that dice roll.   Baby Smalls Owen got Irish dad’s blue eyes and mom’s Puerto Rican skin.  Let’s just hope his dancing skills come from his Latin blood, and he’ll be allll set in Lady Killer Lane.   Steph works at Inde Salon in Quincy, and I’m like the whole salon’s official life photographer.  So, I was pretty damn stoked when Steph and Owen called me when Mr Tan Skin Blue Eyes entered the world.  It was like the easiest job I’ve ever had, ever.  You’ll see why.  Steph and Owen are already wonderful parents and Baby Owen will be a well loved, confident, talented, kind boy and then man.  And for that we are all grateful.  Good luck, you guys.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!  Know this for sure and forever. 🙂