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Best best best best.  Period period period period.   Every single child deserves a life like Vivian and Sloan have:  fun, silly, full of love and safety, but…just SO MUCH SILLY FUN!!   What a great, great family.  This is the second time I’ve photographed these guys in San Francisco, and I love them more every time.  This time I went down the street to pick them up at school with Jimmy and Birgess, and we just played around all afternoon and I listened to them laugh.  Enjoy.  Thank you.  LOVE!!

I photographed Paige and Marlo’s wedding on the island of Aitutaki in The Cook Islands in 2008.  How stoked was I!?!?  Holy shit.  And before that I was Paige’s personal trainer and friend, but for years we have totally lost track of each other.   So, when I went out to San Francisco last month I was *stoked* to end the trip with a stop at Paige and Marlo and Ollie’s place near the airport.  They’re as happy as ever and Ollie is just like his parents:  smart, kind, interested in so many things, and an all around well traveled, great kid.  I love these three.  Enjoy! THANK YOU!

It took a bout of cancer for Kim and Sebastian to meet, but Kim reflects that it was all worth it now that she has Seb.  Kim randomly lost her voice last year, and when it didn’t come back after a week or two she saw a doctor.  Thyroid cancer, paralyzed vocal cords, and a large (second) benign tumor in her neck were revealed.   In what I can imagine was a scary and stressful time she found a loophole in her lease that allowed therapy dogs.   Soon after she went to an MSPCA auction and found a scraggly, shaved, one-eyed poodle puppy that needed a home.   The rest is history.  Sebastian is SUCH A GOOD BOY!  Oh mah lord, he’s so sweet and so smart and so good and so cute.  Kim and Sebastian have the kind of beautiful love that I can relate to as a dog mom of three. 🙂 . I absolutely LOVED photographing these two, and I’m so happy for BOTH of them that they found each other.  Talk about a silver lining. 🙂 . Love you guys.  Thank you so much. t

My friend, Erin, introduced me to this incredible family seven years ago, and they have gained permanent residency in my heart since.  And since then, they have grown by a Will and a Jon (to add to their already perfect Andrew and Heidi, Karl and Chi).   We sortof screwed up this shoot because we were hoping that it wasn’t going to be raining *that badly* at the Golden Gate Bridge.  A possible funny memory, but not a great idea for photos.   Welp, no one was harmed in this shoot, and they’re still THE cutest family I know.   So, enjoy… the link earlier in this paragraph is their first shoot if you want to see how adorable a little girl can actually get. 🙂 . Thank you so much! LOVE!

I’m lucky enough to call Joelle a friend from yoga.  And I’m also lucky to have been able to photograph her super sweet family at their gorgeous Summer home in Groton Long Point, CT.   It’s one of those homes where I actually bit my fist off because I loved it so much.   It’s right out of the movie, Moonrise Kingdom and every other nostalgic memory you’ve ever had ever for a home.  The rain was about to arrive so we moved furiously, but it caught us anyway… so we kept shooting.  Kids play in the rain, and so do adults.  Being able to photograph IN the rain is one of my favorite things ever and I’m so glad it was with a family that valued photography, family, love, and life so much.   Thank you so much! Love!

Love me the Enwright Family, I do!  I grew up with Christian, the dad, and I don’t think there was a single time we were together where we didn’t laugh.   And low and behold, tweny (ish) years after our high school graduation was the first time I met his incredible wife and children.  I’ve been in Family Love every since!  These kids are hilaaaarious (as are their parents) and everyone is kind and cool and nice.  It’s a really nice treat to be near them.  This year Meghan wanted to do something funny and different so she asked me to come along when they got their Christmas tree in Marshfield.  The thing about photographing in the dark is…there’s no light.  I still chased them around for the night and ended up in their gorgeous home.  I love you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Lisa Neighbors is the coolest chick alive so let’s establish that.   And her daughters, Rose and Ayla, are almost edible, and her husband Brad is a movie star.  Now that we have that all under control, we should also mention that Lisa is an incredible family photographer.  So, needless to say it’s an honor (and terrifying) to photograph a fellow family photographer.   I would do anything for this woman, and feel super honored to call her a friend.   Enjoy.  Thank you! Love!

Yay!  Good People Alert!  Lindsay and Kevin got married yesterday?  Ten years ago?  Somewhere between right now and 2007 when I first started my career.  I actually don’t remember not knowing her and her family so that’s a good sign of love and connection, if ya ask me.  So, I feel like Lindsay is 12 and they got married yesterday, but that’s because they have three kids three and under, a bull dog, and an adorable home to fit ’em all in.  I got to their house at 9am on a Sunday, and by 10am I think me and Kevin were only half kidding about having a bloody mary.  Lindsay and Kevin are doing a REALLY great job raising great kids with very full hands.  I love these people, and I can’t wait to watch them grow through their lives.  Thank you so so much! LOVE!

Finley and Andrea are the big and small versions of the cutest thing on Planet Earth.  Photographing these two is so fun and so adorable I can’t believe I get invited over!   Finley likes to have her best friend’s family over when I’m there just so I can actually die of cute overload.   I just chase everybody around their home, and then fall into my car exhausted and laughing.  I love this family.  You will, too. Enjoy! Thank you! Love!

Life is relentless on the whole: Just Keeps Getting Better thing.  I met Janice in yoga a couple years ago, and already we’ve spent a week together in Alaska, probably sweat 48 pounds of water weight together, shared many meals, and now I’ve been able to photograph her ADORABLE family twice!  The Kwan crew just renovated their beautiful home in Wellesley so Janice was super excited to do the shoot in their new and improved space!  Lucky me!!  Their home is gorgeous and perfect in every way, but much more importantly it’s full of giggles (LOTS of giggles), kindness, sweetness, and love.   It’s really kindof a joke to photograph this family.  I leave wanting like nine kids.  Well, maybe not nine, but you get the point. 🙂 . Thank you guys so very much! I LOVE YOU ALL!