I feel EXTREMELY lucky to have been asked to photograph Volante Farms in Needham's cookbook.  This is a 100 year old farm owned by the Volante family every day of those 100 years.  The place is steeped in love and family and traditions and loyalty.  Union Park Press is publishing the cookbook, and this is our second cookbook we've done together.  Union Park is the best, Volante farms is such a kind group of talented people.  The shoot was SO much fun! Here are some of my favorite shots! Cookbook is out next year. Enjoy. THANK YOU!!! 
volanteblog001.jpg volanteblog002.jpg volanteblog003.jpg volanteblog004.jpg volanteblog005.jpg volanteblog006.jpg volanteblog007.jpg volanteblog008.jpg

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Hillary Deshler does it AGAIN!  After many successful years at her own salon, Inde, in Quincy, she now opened Lola Beauty Boutique in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.  Hillary and her team are beautiful and fun and kind and talented.  Please go visit and get your shit all tightened up pretty.  F'real.    
LolaSalonBlog001.jpg LolaSalonBlog002.jpg LolaSalonBlog003.jpg LolaSalonBlog004.jpg LolaSalonBlog005.jpg LolaSalonBlog006.jpg LolaSalonBlog007.jpg LolaSalonBlog008.jpg LolaSalonBlog009.jpg LolaSalonBlog010.jpg

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How lucky am I to have found Brian Rand therefore finding Trephin (never mind three of my favorite friends of all time)?! Brian just won Best Woman's Haircut in the Boston Magazine's Best of Boston 2011.  I'm super psyched I have both Brian and Moe Smith workin' all up on my locks.  Truly helps the rock star look when...rock stars are the creators.
This salon, at it's one year anniversary in July 2011, already racked up a bunch of awards from Boston Phoenix and the aforementioned Boston Magazine.  This whole crew is crazy talented, super creative, bursting with personality and love, and I have truly felt at home every time I have gone in. 
I'm very proud of the Trephin team for all they have have accomplished, and I'm extremely proud to have been asked to photograph their portraits for their new website. 
Here's what we did.  Enjoy, thank you, love.
TrephinSML002.jpg TrephinSML003.jpg TrephinSML004.jpg TrephinSML005.jpg TrephinSML007.jpg TrephinSML009.jpg TrephinSML010.jpg TrephinSML013.jpg TrephinSML014.jpg TrephinSML018.jpg TrephinSML021.jpg TrephinSML023.jpg TrephinSML025.jpg
TrephinSML027.jpg TrephinSML029.jpg

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Joenna says:

Great Brian Congrats! Loved the photography as well as Tattoos. Loved every bit of this blog :)

(05.14.13 @ 02:23 AM)
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Salmagundi is, without a doubt, the very best store in this fair city. And lucky me, it's in my neighborhood: Jamaica Plain.   Anyone who has ever stumbled into it will agree, there's just nothing like it.  I have been lucky enough to become friends with Jessen and Andria, the husband and wife/owners extraordinaire.  They have invited me to show my work at Jamaica Plain's First Thursday two different times, and I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their Fourth Anniversary Party.   They invited all of their beloved customers and asked them to 'look smart'.  The smartest dresser won a gift certificate to the store (still unnamed as I write this).  The party was rad, everyone looked so super cool...for a moment I forgot I was in Boston. ;)
If you haven't shopped there yet, get there soon.  Orange Line to Green Street. :)
SalmagundiSML001.jpg SalmagundiSML020.jpg SalmagundiSML023.jpg SalmagundiSML029.jpg SalmagundiSML051.jpg SalmagundiSML062.jpg SalmagundiSML066.jpg SalmagundiSML071.jpg SalmagundiSML072.jpg SalmagundiSML080.jpg

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...And if you're about to launch a business called Pamela Anderson Yoga you best be *mighty* hot because you're about to get some really weird hits on your website.  :)
I'm not kidding about Pam's name or her vocation or her (soon to be launched) website.  I met up with Pam at The Harmony Center in Medfield and thought I had found Heaven on earth.  The Harmony Center is situated by a stream on 80+ private acres in the woods of Medfield.  The place is outrageously beautiful and peaceful, and it was such a treat to watch Pam teach class and then get into her favorite yoga asanas.  Ever watch someone do yoga with utter ease and strength?  It's awesome.  This is what I saw:
blogbusy-4.jpg blogbusy-5.jpg blogbusy-6.jpg blogbusy-7.jpg blogbusy-8.jpg blogbusy-9.jpg blogbusy-10.jpg blogbusy-11.jpg blogbusy-12.jpg

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