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As if life wasn't already super awesome just because Josh and Lindsey are in it, they go and make a couple ah kids.   They brought miss Vivian through a couple years ago, and on their fifth wedding anniversary I met their son, Dez, on his one-week birthday.   There are few people in the world I'm more honored to know, to photograph, and to call friends than Josh and Lindsey.  One day, in another life, I'll come back and be just like them.  For now, I get to see them twice a year for photography.   In case you feel like making yourself happy, may I suggest that you go through the last five years of their lives. :):  here is their wedding on Martha's Vineyard, here is their maternity and newborn shoot of Vivian in their gorgeous home in South Boston,  here is when Vivian turned one and we thought she was a play doll, and here is when I started actually being mad that Viv is better dressed than me. ;)   And our latest collaboration is right here... ENJOY! LOVE! THANK YOU!
barlowSMALL001.jpg barlowSMALL002.jpg barlowSMALL003.jpg barlowSMALL004.jpg barlowSMALL005.jpg barlowSMALL006.jpg barlowSMALL007.jpg barlowSMALL008.jpg barlowSMALL009.jpg barlowSMALL010.jpg barlowSMALL011.jpg barlowSMALL012.jpg

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Every year I photograph Lindsey and Josh, and their expanding and beautiful lives.  I photographed their wedding, then when they were expecting Vivian, and then throughout the two years they've had her.  And now, lucky for all of us, they are expecting another baby in the Spring.  I absolutely adore this couple and this family, and I count myself *extremely* lucky to call them friends.  Enjoy!
barlowsmall001.jpg barlowsmall002.jpg barlowsmall003.jpg barlowsmall004.jpg barlowsmall005.jpg barlowsmall006.jpg barlowsmall007.jpg barlowsmall008.jpg barlowsmall009.jpg barlowsmall010.jpg barlowsmall011.jpg

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Man, am I lucky.   Josh and Lindsey are some of my very favorite people, never mind clients!  And photographing them as their beautiful life unfolds is some kind of honor!  Little Vivian, who is Josh but smaller and a girl, has been on planet earth for a full rotation.  How cool is that.  She's as hilarious and fun and upbeat and beautiful as her parents and we chased her all around their beautiful home and Thomas Park until it was time to nap again.  Being one is rad. 
Here she is as a newborn and in Lindsey's belly. 
I cannot wait to continue to watch this family just get better and better and more full of love.  Wouldn't wish this beautiful life on two truly cooler people.  I absolutely love them, they're the very best of the best.  Honestly.  Enjoy.  I love you guys.  Thank you so so so so much for your trust and your support.  love.
viv001.jpg viv002.jpg viv003.jpg viv004.jpg viv005.jpg viv006.jpg viv007.jpg viv008.jpg viv009.jpg viv010.jpg viv011.jpg viv012.jpg viv013.jpg viv014.jpg

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Josh and Lindsey will go down as one of my all time favorite couples to work with.  I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding on Martha's Vineyard (which got published in Martha's Vineyard Weddings magazine which is always fun and cool), then I was able to go over to their beautiful new home and photograph them when they were expecting their first baby.  Recently I was really REALLY lucky and got to photograph Lindsey and Josh in their first couple days as parents to the perfect and very lucky, Vivian.   This post is both their maternity shoot and Vivian's first photo shoot.
I love this family.  They make everyone they love feel like family.  There's not a better gift to give the world.  Good luck, guys.  I love you very much.  THANK YOU!! 
blogvivian001.jpg blogvivian002.jpg blogvivian003.jpg blogvivian004.jpg blogvivian005.jpg  blogvivian007.jpg blogvivian008.jpg blogvivian009.jpg blogvivian010.jpg blogvivian011.jpg blogvivian012.jpg
blogvivian013.jpg blogvivian014.jpg blogvivian015.jpg blogvivian016.jpg blogvivian017.jpg blogvivian019.jpg blogvivian020.jpg blogvivian021.jpg blogvivian022.jpg blogvivian023.jpg blogvivian024.jpg

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Lindsey Barlow says:

Looking at these never gets old!! We love you so much!! THANK YOU! Xoxo

(12.18.14 @ 10:13 AM)
How fun is it chasing three little boys around?  So much fun!  I love Sam, Ben, and Josh (and Jess and Chuck and the rest of their family!) so much and they just get funnier, cuter, and smarter every time I photograph them.  Jess, their gorgeous mama, is a great friend of mine and I always love to see her as a mother. it makes me so happy to see her so loved and in love.  It's like going to Camp Blissed Out  every time I'm there. 
Take a peek.
MyersSML001.jpg MyersSML002.jpg MyersSML004.jpg MyersSML027.jpg MyersSML041.jpg MyersSML056.jpg MyersSML058.jpg MyersSML070.jpg

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