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I have the giggles just thinking that I'm about to post this shoot.  There isn't a person reading these words who is not about to fall in LOVE with one - probably all seven - of these people.  I photographed Erin and Devin's wedding 9 years ago, and as fate would so kindly have it we are in each other's world again on the weekly.  Erin is loved by everyone who knows her, she's humble and kind, beautiful and smart, honest and genuine.  I really feel lucky to call her a friend.  She and Devin are raising the nicest, cutest, funniest, sporty-est (not a word) kids you could imagine.  Every one of these kids were kind, cooperative, and polite to me.  In other words I chased them around their beautiful home and they did everything I said.  This family makes me want to be a mom.  I guess there's not a bigger compliment I could give.  
Enjoy the Condron crew.  Introducing to the T.Spoon Blog:  Erin, Devin, Riley, Finn, Brennan, Hayden, and Emerson.  CondronSML001.jpg CondronSML002.jpg CondronSML003.jpg CondronSML004.jpg CondronSML005.jpg CondronSML006.jpg CondronSML007.jpg CondronSML008.jpg CondronSML009.jpg CondronSML010.jpg CondronSML011.jpg CondronSML012.jpg CondronSML013.jpg CondronSML014.jpg
CondronSML015.jpg CondronSML016.jpg CondronSML017.jpg CondronSML018.jpg CondronSML019.jpg CondronSML020.jpg CondronSML021.jpg CondronSML022.jpg CondronSML023.jpg CondronSML024.jpg CondronSML025.jpg CondronSML026.jpg CondronSML027.jpg CondronSML028.jpgCondronSML029.jpg CondronSML030.jpg CondronSML031.jpg CondronSML032.jpg CondronSML033.jpg

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