Sighhhhhh....It's days like this one that fill my cup so full that I go to sleep with tears of gratitude in my eyes.  This family is sooo delicious. Gorgeous California light floods their home in Mill Valley all morning, their yard is full of lilacs and a magnolia tree, their Bernice Mountain dog named Dewey rounds out the greatness.  Little Natalie is a DOLL!!  She's so sweet and curious and beautiful and kind and giggly and happy.  She's very excited about her new sister, Kate, who got to earth only last month.  The lovely mama, Amy, is a marine biologist so when we wanted an adventure, a trip to Stinson Beach was the obvious answer.  There, they played with crabs and jumped rope with bull kelp. Adam, the papa, is just the jungle gym that Natalie needs to climb on and love.  I thought I died and went to heaven.
One of my favorite families of all time.  Thank you endlessly for letting me document a day in your lives.  I hope I remember this day forever.
AmyAdam004.jpg AmyAdam005.jpg AmyAdam006.jpg AmyAdam007.jpg AmyAdam008.jpg AmyAdam009.jpg AmyAdam012.jpg AmyAdam014.jpg AmyAdam017.jpg AmyAdam021.jpg AmyAdam022.jpg AmyAdam024.jpg AmyAdam026.jpg AmyAdam029.jpg AmyAdam033.jpg AmyAdam035.jpg AmyAdam038.jpg AmyAdam039.jpg AmyAdam041.jpg AmyAdam052.jpg AmyAdam056.jpg AmyAdam058.jpg AmyAdam063.jpg AmyAdam067.jpg AmyAdam069.jpg AmyAdam071.jpg AmyAdam074.jpg AmyAdam075.jpg AmyAdam077.jpg AmyAdam079.jpg AmyAdam081.jpg AmyAdam085.jpg AmyAdam091.jpg AmyAdam097.jpg AmyAdam087.jpg

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Bee says:

What an amazingly beautiful family!! You are a fantastic photographer, but it can't be that hard with this family... :)

(11.29.10 @ 07:35 AM)
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Yaay! Back for another year to photograph the growing McMahon family.  Since our last shoot last year (HERE), little Ava has entered the world.  She's as cute as a little round button and big sis Emily seems happy to have a new friend around.  Like all young families, they're a very busy crew, but unlike lots of families they live surrounded by fruit and fig trees, artichoke bushes, and an herb garden.  What a great place to grow up!  After harvesting all sorts of fruit we headed out to tu-tu school where cute comes in buckets. Lots of cuties in tutus and lots of french spoken. It was super sweet. Sunset was spent in the McMahon's favorite place: the beach, and dinner was at their favorite pizza place in San Francisco. Melt down? Oh, that happened in the tub!
What a day. Thank you. Enjoy. Love. Obv.
McMahonSMALL007.jpg McMahonSMALL012.jpg McMahonSMALL013.jpg McMahonSMALL016.jpg McMahonSMALL021.jpg McMahonSMALL024.jpg McMahonSMALL027.jpg McMahonSMALL029.jpg McMahonSMALL033.jpg McMahonSMALL040.jpg McMahonSMALL044.jpg McMahonSMALL054.jpg
McMahonSMALL059.jpg McMahonSMALL069.jpg McMahonSMALL075.jpg McMahonSMALL077.jpg McMahonSMALL079.jpg McMahonSMALL081.jpg McMahonSMALL084.jpg McMahonSMALL086.jpg McMahonSMALL088.jpg McMahonSMALL097.jpg McMahonSMALL099.jpg McMahonSMALL102.jpg
McMahonSMALL103.jpg McMahonSMALL106.jpg McMahonSMALL110.jpg

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I cannot remember having a baby crush like the one I have on Heidi.  She's the kindof cute you try to eat.  She's round and sweet and adorable and...insanely cute.  Her big brother, Andrew, all of 3 years old is wise and curious and keenly focused on all things car.  We had such a wonderful day in Corte Madera, CA.  I arrived when Andrew was getting dressed for church and Sunday school and Heidi was having a tea party with her stuffed animals.  It was another 80 degree day so after a really sweet time at Sunday school we headed out for a picnic at The Discovery Museum in Sausalito.  Everyone chased each other around and enjoyed the amazing weather.  Because I was a good kid ;), I got a ride home in their reeeeeeally nice car.  I might drive a hybrid now, but a ferrari is surely my next car.
Thank you all for a beautiful day with your gorgeous family.  It was such an honor to be with you.
ChiKarlSMALL001.jpg ChiKarlSMALL002.jpg ChiKarlSMALL004.jpg ChiKarlSMALL005.jpg ChiKarlSMALL006.jpg ChiKarlSMALL013.jpg ChiKarlSMALL017.jpg ChiKarlSMALL022.jpg ChiKarlSMALL029.jpg ChiKarlSMALL030.jpg ChiKarlSMALL031.jpg ChiKarlSMALL033.jpg
ChiKarlSMALL034.jpg ChiKarlSMALL037.jpg ChiKarlSMALL040.jpg ChiKarlSMALL041.jpg ChiKarlSMALL043.jpg ChiKarlSMALL046.jpg ChiKarlSMALL048.jpg ChiKarlSMALL051.jpg ChiKarlSMALL053.jpg ChiKarlSMALL056.jpg ChiKarlSMALL058.jpg ChiKarlSMALL060.jpg
ChiKarlSMALL062.jpg ChiKarlSMALL069.jpg ChiKarlSMALL071.jpg

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kelli taylor says:

Tara these are awesome!

(11.22.10 @ 09:51 PM)
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