Some girls have all the luck. Anna Lee invited me over THE WEEK before she gave birth to Mari.  This is a smart, successful, ultra kind, chill, gorgeous mama.  I'm lucky to know her and be trusted.  Enjoy!  The very next post is her baby! yay! 
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Liz and Todd's family is grown like gorgeous little weeds.  If you'd like to see how these two don't age, but just keep having more children, see for yourself right here.  We were lucky enough to meet these two human gems when we photographed their wedding in 2009.  They are kind and smart and loving and generous and thoughtful and have been deeply secured in my heart since the day we met.  This is one of the many families that I've been able to watch find tons of professional success while also growing their families and their hearts.  I wouldn't wish this life on two more deserving and beautiful people. And we welcome Andrew to the crew. The luckiest baby in town. 
Huge love to all of you.  Thank you so so so much.
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YAY!  Carly is pregnant with the LOVE OF HER LIFE'S baby!!!   I've known Carly for five years now and never have I met a woman more in love with her man than she is with James.   For real.  We missed their wedding as we were previously booked so I was STOKED when she asked me to photograph their maternity shoot!  Carly is GLOWING like the goddess she is, and Baby Joe is already madly loved!!  James is a gem and deserves every ounce of love he receives (and gives) to Carly.  I'm SO INSANELY happy for this couple!  Love love love LOVE to you guys!  I'm so happy!!!  YAAAY!! 
CarlyExpectingSML001.jpg CarlyExpectingSML002.jpg CarlyExpectingSML003.jpg CarlyExpectingSML004.jpg CarlyExpectingSML005.jpg CarlyExpectingSML006.jpg CarlyExpectingSML007.jpg CarlyExpectingSML008.jpg

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Josh and Lindsey will go down as one of my all time favorite couples to work with.  I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding on Martha's Vineyard (which got published in Martha's Vineyard Weddings magazine which is always fun and cool), then I was able to go over to their beautiful new home and photograph them when they were expecting their first baby.  Recently I was really REALLY lucky and got to photograph Lindsey and Josh in their first couple days as parents to the perfect and very lucky, Vivian.   This post is both their maternity shoot and Vivian's first photo shoot.
I love this family.  They make everyone they love feel like family.  There's not a better gift to give the world.  Good luck, guys.  I love you very much.  THANK YOU!! 
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Lindsey Barlow says:

Looking at these never gets old!! We love you so much!! THANK YOU! Xoxo

(12.18.14 @ 10:13 AM)
Think Sheldon and Chrissy's kid is gonna be handsome?  Just wondering.  I'm not sure any words can add to what we're all thinking.....yowza. 
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