Oh, look at the cute little Irish Italian Bostonon kid.  Wicked cute.  Hudson is so adorable and his parents, my friend Niki and her wonderful fiancee John, are madly in love (with him an each other).  I spent some time with them in Hudson's first week of life, and Niki and John are naturals at this.  Their home is full of love and everyone is ready for this journey; their hearts have exploded in love.  I love that. :)
SMLhudson003.jpg SMLhudson008.jpg SMLhudson009.jpg SMLhudson011.jpg SMLhudson013.jpg SMLhudson024.jpg SMLhudson025.jpg SMLhudson035.jpg SMLhudson038.jpg SMLhudson045.jpg SMLhudson047.jpg SMLhudson060.jpg SMLhudson063.jpg SMLhudson070.jpg SMLhudson077.jpg

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Smithc508 says:

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Pharme335 says:

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Baby Isaac loves summertime.  Which is why he arrived in May rather than the previously scheduled August.   He arrived three months early and scared the bejesus out of his parents...we'll remind him of this when he's 6'4" and on the basketball court. I have photographed Joanna and Dean's engagement, wedding, and many of their friends and families weddings so I sortof feel part of the family.  When I heard about Isaac arriving early I begged Joanna to let me hang out with them one afternoon on her daily visit to the NICU at Brigham and Women's Hospital.  Here's what I saw.
Isaac, by the way, went home to Arlington today with his parents (July 8th, 2014).  He was born at three pounds and is leaving the hospital at 5.5 pounds.  (faint sound of a roaring crowd).  He's a champ, no surprise here. 
isaacsml001.jpg isaacsml002.jpg isaacsml003.jpg isaacsml004.jpg isaacsml005.jpg isaacsml006.jpg isaacsml007.jpg isaacsml008.jpg isaacsml009.jpg isaacsml010.jpg isaacsml011.jpg isaacsml012.jpg

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Paula says:

So, so beautiful. I'm always thankful for waterproof mascara when you start postin'

(07.15.14 @ 12:36 PM)
woot woot, there's a new person in the world!  And a little love snuggle love bug at that.  Leop came into the world in early November and his mom and pop could not be more in love.  They live in Duxbury, but really they've been rocketed to the moon with their love.  AIn't love grand? Life is good.  I'm so happy for this new, adorable, gorgeous, blue eyed beauty family. 
Good luck, guys.  Love. Thank you. xoxo
LeoPortesiSML001.jpg LeoPortesiSML002.jpg LeoPortesiSML005.jpg LeoPortesiSML019.jpg LeoPortesiSML020.jpg LeoPortesiSML026.jpg LeoPortesiSML032.jpg LeoPortesiSML039.jpg LeoPortesiSML041.jpg LeoPortesiSML051.jpg LeoPortesiSML053.jpg

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Yo!  Baby Theo is here.  I know, he's early.  Like really early.  He was excited, what can he say? He knew he was going to be super smart, successful, and handsome so he was all, 'let's just get started!'.  So now, three months later, he's doing well, growin, laughin, and lovin his mom and dad.  
Congratulations to Kat, Alex, and Theo.  For their new family and for all the excitement ahead.  Best of luck and love to all three of you.
SMLTheo001.jpg SMLTheo007.jpg SMLTheo010.jpg SMLTheo011.jpg SMLTheo013.jpg SMLTheo018.jpg SMLTheo019.jpg SMLTheo021.jpg SMLTheo024.jpg SMLTheo025.jpg SMLTheo027.jpg SMLTheo037.jpg

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Welp, Emma arrived and we weren't ready at all!  Joe and Jenn just bought a killer new place and they swore they had two whole weeks to do things like..unpack a single box after they moved here from California.  Not so much.  Emma wanted to meet her parents.  Can't blame her since they're awesome. 
So, ya... Emma is here.  Joe and Jenn and Emma are unpacking boxes and Bailey is wondering who the really small and beautiful and perfect Chinese person is who just showed up out of nowhere.
Here's what I saw. 
Good luck, guys.  I love you so.
EmmaSML002.jpg EmmaSML013.jpg EmmaSML015 copy.jpg EmmaSML018.jpg EmmaSML026 copy.jpg EmmaSML022.jpg EmmaSML024.jpg EmmaSML025.jpg EmmaSML027.jpg EmmaSML032.jpg EmmaSML046.jpg EmmaSML048.jpg

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Frantascia Price says:

Awwwwwww, I love stuff like this (shhhhh, don't tell nobody I'm kinda sappy!) ~Fran

(07.25.13 @ 11:01 AM)
Sara & Dustin says:

Yay! Congratulations, Joe & Jen! She's adorable! :) Oh, and P.S. Your house is gorgeous!

(08.06.13 @ 10:42 PM)