When Muji was a baby his mother nicknamed him Baby Cool Breeze because he was so easy going and chill, never cried, never fussed.  I know babies, and grown folk, who are like this and I admire such gentle spirits.   It didn't surprise me at all to hear that Muji was such a cool breeze from the beginning. 
Welp, when a gentle soul happens to be encased in a large, strong, athletic frame whatchya get is a gentle, cool... linebacker.   Muji played football for University of New Hampshire, and I'm sure he enjoyed that experience along with the vast cultural diversity up there in the granite state. ;)

In August 2011, so about ten minutes ago, Muji and his brother were in a car accident.  The car burst into flames and Muji lost the bottom of both of his legs and the fingers on his left hand. His brother, from what I understand, has also suffered very serious burns.
I bet if you take more than three minutes you can remember exactly what you were doing in August of 2011.  Maybe your life has changed dramatically since then, maybe it hasn't changed at all.  Maybe you *meant* to finally get the job or lose the weight or start the program or end the bullshit or start some bullshit, I obviously have no idea.  I can rest pretty easily on the fact that few lives have changed quite like Muji's has.  This motherfucker is so strong and so talented and so warm and so cool, and in the past three years he's...well... learned how to live, walk, run, be at peace, struggle, persevere, test himself, test the people he loves, and bring a SON INTO THE WORLD!!  He bought a gorgeous home, partnered off with *the* prettiest, coolest, chillest chick ever, has became a motivational speaker, and frankly realized that that accident in 2011 has opened more doors and more opportunities for love and life and connection than he could have EVER done without it.  Can we get a fucking AMEN on that please?  Can we get a fucking amen on the beauty and perseverance and STRENGTH of the human soul? Of THIS human's soul. 
Baby Cool Breeze?  Damn fucking right.
Muji Karim is a star among us, y'all.  It is an EXTREME HONOR to have been trusted to spend the day with this guy.   All we did was laugh our asses off all day and then I watched this guy RUN ON BLADES!!! 
GAHHHH!!!!!  I'm so on fire right now with MAD RESPECT and LOVE OF LIFE!!!    Muji, thank you SO MUCH for taking your journey with SUCH grace, man.  You are AN INSPIRATION TO THE ENTIRE WORLD, bro!   There is NO ONE LIKE YOU!!!!  I love you so much!  Have since the moment we met. 
The best is yet to come, Muji.  Hang the fuck on.  
blogmuji001.jpg blogmuji002.jpg blogmuji004.jpg blogmuji005.jpg blogmuji006.jpg blogmuji007.jpg blogmuji008.jpg blogmuji009.jpg blogmuji011.jpg blogmuji013.jpg blogmuji014.jpg blogmuji015.jpg
blogmuji016.jpg blogmuji017.jpg blogmuji018.jpg blogmuji019.jpg blogmuji020.jpg blogmuji021.jpg blogmuji022.jpg blogmuji023.jpg blogmuji024.jpg blogmuji025.jpg blogmuji026.jpg blogmuji027.jpg
blogmuji028.jpg blogmuji029.jpg blogmuji030.jpg blogmuji031.jpg blogmuji032.jpg blogmuji033.jpg blogmuji035.jpg blogmuji036.jpg blogmuji037.jpg blogmuji038.jpg blogmuji039.jpg blogmuji040.jpg

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Jamie says:

This post brought tears to my eyes Tara. Muji, you are incredibly strong and your story is outrageously inspiring. A reason for me to stop bitching about...well... anything.

(11.15.14 @ 07:19 PM)
Lori Black says:

I have no words. Just tears in my eyes as usual Tara. This pictures are amazing!!!! Thank you BOTH for being outstanding human beings and sharing this story with us!

(11.16.14 @ 09:02 AM)
Continuing on my quest to expand my portfolio to rock stars of all influence I photographed DJ Fuzzy Fotch and Ted Thousand of Snake Sound System.  Ted and Ardie are brothers gone DJ collaborators and their sound is booty poppin' moombahton. 
These two talented brothers were just signed with a record label out of San Francisco so they needed both an EP cover shot and something capturing them in action.  For their cover shot they wanted something "loud, vibrant, ethnic, and recognizable" so I suggested a Latin supermarket.  For their live shots they absolutely KILLED it at The Good Life on a jammed packed snowy Friday night. 
Here's to the rest of your lives and an illustrious career for both of you. Rockin. Rock it. Love.

ArdieTedSML001.jpg ArdieTedSML002.jpg ArdieTedSML004.jpg ArdieTedSML010.jpg ArdieTedSML014.jpg ArdieTedSML015.jpg ArdieTedSML023.jpg ArdieTedSML022.jpg 

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Amy Carroll says:

Hi Tara!
Thank you so much for sharing your work on Facebook! I love looking at your creativity. You are very talented. Keep 'em coming! I hope all is well.
Amy C

(03.27.12 @ 09:21 PM)
laura says:

I. need. EVERY HOT SAUCE EVER. the end. (killed it again)

(04.09.12 @ 08:26 PM)
In an effort to expand my portfolio I have decided to photograph rock stars of many pursuits.  Laura Ganci is a gifted and beautiful woman so it's a joy to be able to start with her.  Her voice is so beautiful and her songs are soulful and often heartbreaking, I love so much about her music.
She braved some seriously offensive temperatures to help me get these shots of her.  Turns out that Boston in December is cold.
Aaanywaaay..... let's listen to her while we look at her, too. Her website is HERE.
Her myspace page is HERE
And she's an identical twin!!  Here's her and her womb roomie, Nina busking it up: YUP
Laura, I love you!!!  I believe in you times a gagillion.
A wise woman once yelled at me these words:
Sugar Glider spread your wings and FLY!!!!
git it.
LauraSML002.jpg LauraSML005.jpg LauraSML006.jpg LauraSML007.jpg LauraSML010.jpg LauraSML013.jpg LauraSML016.jpg LauraSML017.jpg LauraSML019.jpg LauraSML021.jpg LauraSML023.jpg LauraSML024.jpg

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