Man oh man oh (young wo) man!!  What a year it's been with The Love Offensive for Girls!  We have had so much fun together in so many different venues, but with one goal: to feel creative, seen, kind, strong, and confident.  There was a six week course through the yoga studio I teach at (HYP in Wellesley) that ended in a tour de Wellesley as we posed and played all over the downtown area.  Then there was a really good one at Amy Ambroult's metal smith studio in Abington in an old mill building. We climbed on top of the building, and unearthed old run down cars to make the perfect photo shoot.   We partnered with a girls running group in Natick and two different girl scout troops where we did shorter versions of the full day curriculum.
At every turn we had a ton of fun, the girls made new friends, and they tried things they've never tried before.  I cannot say enough good things about this experience for the girls! If you're thinking about having your daughter join us, please have her look at these photographs. If it sparks something in her, be in touch!  Sign ups are on
Thank you to all the moms and dads who trusted me to teach their daughters the beauty of yoga and photography!  THANK YOU!!  Love love love love!
girls001.jpg girls002.jpg girls003.jpg girls004.jpg girls005.jpg girls006.jpg girls007.jpg girls008.jpg girls009.jpg girls010.jpg girls011.jpg girls012.jpg girls013.jpg
girls014.jpg girls015.jpg girls016.jpg girls017.jpg girls019.jpg girls020.jpg girls021.jpg girls022.jpg girls023.jpg girls024.jpg girls025.jpg

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